Friday, May 20, 2011

Blue cheese

Do you smell this delicious fresh breeze?
I must warn you. Beware!
Some say it kills zombies.
I say: breathe but with care
Because that’s the smell of old blue cheese.

When there’s no left, I’m down on my knees
No sadness can compare
To a day without cheese.
I would go, if I dare
To get my dose, up in the Andes.

My mom always told me: “Eat your peas!”
The world was so unfair.
All I wanted was cheese.
Of you, I would take care
If I could get my piece of blue cheese.

I am leaving, visiting countries
In search of cleaner air
Where, free of plastic seas
My nose can stay aware
That the best scent ever is blue cheese.

Blue cheese causes disease. Blue cheese causes disease.
Have you ever seen a zombie eating blue cheese?
That’s because, that’s because, that’s because… Blue cheese kills zombies!
Blue cheese! Blue cheese! Blue cheeeeeeeese!

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Anonymous said...

I like it!